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Welcome to, Ashley's Blog. Where the weekend recaps are unfinished, and posts are sporadic (Mondays are my target).

Why a blog?

Around my 18th birthday/start of senior year in high school, I started this blog. At that time, I knew my life was going to be full of changes within the next 12 months. Full of adventure. Full of decisions.

In 2015, I graduated high school from a small town in Iowa. One week later I moved out of my parent’s house, left Iowa and headed for the Chicago suburbs. I moved into the basement of a young family and became their live-in nanny. Seven months later I got referred to a nanny opening in the city of Chicago. I was faced with the challenge of leaving my job at the time, finding a place of my own, signing contracts and enjoying the holiday season stress-free. 

After starting the new year in the city and completely independent, I am happy with where I'm at. I would like to say this is where I'll be for this next year and beyond. 

Things I enjoy: Hazelnut coffee+lattes, yoga in the evenings, old-fashioned donuts, music by Judah & the Lion, cloudy days+shadows, Jimmy Kimmel, dancers, writing in cursive, Trader Joe's flowers, bike rides, Vikings football + recently Cubs baseball.

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