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Marathon Training | 16 weeks to go

While all of Chicagoland + the world of runners started Chicago marathon training 2 weeks ago. I had waited an extra week before I got a start on mine. I am beginning at 17 weeks, instead of the usual 18-week training. I'm not really sure why I'm calling this 'training.' I guess in these next 17 weeks, I hope to dedicate more time to running + work on upping my distance. 

morning yoga (60 minutes)

HIIT class (60 minutes) Thursday are almost always a rest day but my apartment lost power Wednesday evening. So I made up for yesterday's missed classes.
Plan: 3-4 miles.
What I did: 3 miles (10:28 pace) Finally felt a push to run this evening when the breeze was cooling. This morning I bought a belt for my phone and keys which made my running 1000x easier. 
I'm surprised by how relaxed this run felt. So glad I got this run in. Hopefully, this is the start of training routinely. 

HIIT class (60 minutes) It was a quiet morning, so last minute I decided why not hit the gym. This class was packed because it was a Father's day celebration class. Definitely felt high-intensity. 
Plan: 6 miles
What I did: 3.5 miles (10:08 pace) At Chicago's peak temps I was out along the Lakefront for an hour + only completed a 3.5mi run. Lots of walking. The first half was much tougher than the second, but at mile 3 I was bored + ready to be home. Not sure what caused such a sluggish run.

I am taking it day by day. I didn't plan on doing any of this week's exercises until the morning/afternoon of. I guess I work better that way. I like to go with what my body feels like that day instead of sticking to a running routine. Each week I hope to get 2 short runs, 1 long run, 1-2 yoga classes, + a cycle or HIIT class.

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