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race recap | ChiTown 10k

Hi, world- I'm alive + well + successfully completed my first race of the year. Yesterday was my first long run since the race, and it wasn't long at all. 4 miles was all my ankles + shins could give. I feel a bit like I have gone backward. I'm feeling pretty defeated so tomorrow I am going to do what I love instead of going for a run. I plan to hit the gym after work for a cycle + strength kettlebell class.

April 10-16 - 8.5 miles

April 8 - 10k
Two Saturdays ago I ran my first 10k. The race was incredibly fun (thanks to two race buddies). I slightly wish I could trade running more 10ks with running a half + full marathon this year. If you haven't raced a 10k before, go find one! Training is minimal + the distance is perfect. 
I am so happy to have run a shorter distanced race before I got too deep in half-marathon training. Coming out of this race I have learned way more than I expected to.

Saturday we woke at 5:50 am. I ate a banana and half a protein bar. Oh and I think I had eaten a few fig newtons before I left the house. No coffee - I was worried I would have to go to bathroom 700x.
We left the house, had a smooth ride to the Lakefront + parking wasn't horrible. When I got to the race's start, I didn't take quality time to stretch. I feel silly saying that. I have been a dedicated stretcher before all my runs, and I decided not to stretch on race day? Also forgot headphones for music. That didn't terribly suck because Cass and I ran side by side all 6.2 miles.
Overall thoughts:
Thank goodness I wasn't racing for speed. For more than half of the course, it was narrow and tricky to get around runners. I didn't expect to be always passing + getting passed- I don't think I ran 10 seconds without a runner passing me. 
I think that's part of why I had such high negative splits. At mile 4 the course spread out a bit and getting around runners was easier. 
I don't think I'll be running the ChiTown 10k again, It's too popular of a race for the space given. The entire morning was too good. I couldn't stop saying "I had so much fun." 
Post-race breakfast at 8 am. My first hotdog in more than a year.. possibly two!

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  1. Nice read You look amazing, the last picture of you and Cassidy is adorable.

  2. This makes me want to do it all over again!