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Half Marathon Training-ish

Happy Sunday! 
It's a little strange not having a long run to prepare for today, but it's a good strange. I ran the 8 miles yesterday instead before the rain hit. I am so glad I looked out for that because the pouring hasn't slowed down. I also like being able to complete this post before I start my Sunday instead of usually typing it out late Sunday + rushing.

On today's agenda after church, lunch with Kat, I plan to get a massage with Jenice (maybe a movie, too?), grocery shop, yoga with Elyse, + finish reading Swimming Lesson by Claire Fuller. Sounds relaxing, I can't wait!!

Ok so now lets rewind to last Sunday when I returned home from a weekend in Iowa with hometown friends. 
Sunday after 5 hours of sleep + 5 hours on the road I arrived at my home in Chicago. Just in time to attempt a planned long run while the sun set. I had 13 weeks until race day, and the scheduled mileage was 7 miles. I wasn't sure how this run would go down with such a defeating week after my 10k race. Upping mileage was harder than I expected.
Still, I couldn't skip this run. I wouldn't let myself get off track any longer. 
I completed the full 7 miles with no music, only checking my pace twice, + never taking a walk break!
Because I decided to not listen to music, I was super mindful of every feeling my body had. For my legs, this was an enjoyable run, and for my gut it was rough. I think I drank too much Gatorade on the road.
For the first time I had post-run aches- my thighs had chafed (was my first long run in shorts) + my quads were sore. 
Monday was my usual rest day.
Tuesday was my favorite day. I came home from work with SUN BURNT shoulders!! I loved the higher temps. Too bad Chicago won't be seeing that for another two weeks.
I ran 3 miles after work on Tuesday wearing new shorts. My legs were super tired, and the chafing was REAL. These shorts are supposed to prevent chafing, so I am going to give them one more trial run before I decide to return.
Wednesday I had wanted to take either a yoga or cycle class but ended up doing neither. Instead, I curled up in bed with a new book + iced tea.
Thursday evening was windy + chilly, but I still got out to run 3 miles. I had a pretty decent run compared to how my body's been hating me during weekday runs. Besides that my pace was crazy fast (fast for me!) + my heart rate was spiked, my gut not once turned on me + my legs felt like a cheetah's! I preferred these weather conditions much more than the sun in my eyes + heat on my back. 

Friday became a rest day instead of my planned 2 miles. With rain expected for the entire weekend, my one chance to complete my long run outdoors was early Saturday morning. I didn't want to have tired legs for the eight miler.
I had a horrible night's rest. Woke around 6:40 am and checked the weather. The rain wasn't expected to start until 10 am so I didn't feel terribly rushed. 
I ate half a banana + half an RX bar. Then sipped on some Nuun water + regular water. 
The temp was around 45 degrees with 20mph winds. With the wind, the weather app said, feels like 35 degrees. Brr!! But I do love running in my tights + sweatshirt, so I was ok about the chill. 
I lacked the energy/adrenaline the entire run, but in some ways it was great. I was never worried about going too fast. If anything I felt I could have sped up. 
I did a lot of walking, and I was mighty ok with that. I totally believe I could have gone without walking, but it was the boredom the broke me mentally.
I drank water at every water fountain I came across + at 40 minutes I started chewing on some energy gummies. These are packed with Carbs + Vitamin C. Simply to keep my muscles working to finish strong.
The rain had started, but I wanted a get out of my apartment. Even tho the rain had begun, I walked the three blocks to Dinkel's for a breakfast sandwich (egg, spinach, avocado + pesto) + coffee- which tasted like home, I loved it.
Later in the day, I met up with my friend, Jenice. We stopped at the new Kendra Scott on Southport. They served Champagne + local goods. It was fun trying out all the jewelry. We walked out empty handed- proud of us!
For dinner + drinks, we met up with her husband at Glascott Saloon in Lincoln Park. We ordered some seriously yummy food from the Greek restaurant next door, Athenian Room. I got a lemon grass rice soup + we shared chicken kebobs. I also tried my first Bloody Mary and wasn't a fan. No thanks!! 
When we finished dinner, it was only 8 o clock, and we felt a little silly to end the night so soon. So we stopped at 6 Degrees in Bucktown for drinks a bit more my style + played Shut the Box. 

The first of 12 weeks is in the books!
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