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Running Rundown | wk 7, 8 + 9

Hi- Happy Monday! I am finally back with a proper rundown on pre-marathon training/workout accountability. Life has had no routine since. Work was sporadic, and I found myself enjoying evenings cooking or reading rather than going to the gym. Even though life has been all over the place, I am proud of all the sweaty hours I put in these past three weeks.

February 13-March 5
I hadn't been planning out each day's workout at the beginning of the week, and this is how they turned out. Randomness, fewer miles and rest days in a row from over-working myself without taking a day off. There was no routine, and I am surprised by the damage it can do. 
There were also days when I arrived at the gym, and all the treadmills were taken, or I arrived at cycle class at the last minute, and there were no more bikes left. I will also put a little blame on the weather. I ran outdoors for the first half of February, and when the temps dropped back to 20s, I had lost motivation to run on treadmills for anything longer than 3 miles.

Totals in January + February:
Miles: 84.3 miles (41.8 miles + 11 runs - Jan, 40.5 miles + 13 runs - Feb)
Strength: 17 hours (10.5 - Jan, 6.5 - Feb)
Yoga: 10.5 hours (6 - Jan, 4 - Feb)
Cycle: 3 hours (1 - Jan, 2 - Feb)
Rest: 13 days (7 - Jan, 6 - Feb)

What I have learned:
- Having the week ahead well-planned on Sunday brings better results
- Pilates is my least favorite workout. Not enough was accomplish within the hour.
- After 4-5 hours of exercise, a rest day is required.
- Still trying to find what works for a pre-run meal. 
Visions for the weeks ahead:
- I need backup plans for days when the treadmills are all in use. This wasn't a problem until my last two attempts. 
- Daylight savings should help with making evening runs happen. I think it's time I suck up to the colder temps and go for the run. Cold temps > waiting in the treadmill line :/
Articles keeping me motivated:
- Made me laugh by how much I could relate - Running Memes
Life outside of exercise:
- V-day included tons of laughter with beautiful people.
- I just finished reading two different books that have the same title. Neither were four or five stars worthy. I am looking forward to some laid back/less suspenseful books this month. 
- Perks of being a nanny to a little one is each day can be as adventurous as I'd like. Jenice + I took our little girls to the zoo on one of Chicago's warmer days. I can not wait to have more zoo days this summer.
- I am hooked on HBO's new series, Big Little Lies. 

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