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Monday was a magical morning. Finally, Chicago got some real snow on the ground. Scarves + boots were finally put to good use.
It didn't feel like my day to go for a run, and I was still recovering from working on the weekend (and daylight savings- but that's no excuse). I just needed sleep as early in the evening as possible. I did just that and set my alarm early to hit the gym before work.

When I stepped outside early Tuesday, Chicago was a giant snow globe and my car was covered. I am surprised that didn't stop me from going back to bed.
I went to the gym with the intention of doing a strength/cardio class, but the trainer was running late, so I hopped into a cycle class instead. Back-up plans are crucial lately! The best part was after class loading up my mug with the gym's complimentary Starbucks coffee!!!
The snow didn't stop for the whole day. M and I had a playdate at her place and then she took a longer than usual nap. The day went by pretty fast. Once I was off, I went to brush off my car so the snow wouldn't turn to ice overnight. But last minute I hopped in and went to Trader Joes to get a few items for the week. It's burger week.
Okay, and I couldn't resist TJ's "blizzard essentials" of chocolates!

Wednesday I was on a role! I had a bunch of extra fruits and some coffee from Tuesday morning. To use all those up, I made myself a smoothie for breakfast. Surprisingly the combination was delightful- coffee, almond milk, half banana, spinach, other fruits and almond butter.
M and I stayed in for the day because the sidewalks were too icy to get anywhere with a toddler/stroller. So we played and played and played, and I had podcasts playing in the background all day. I listened to The Chasing Joy Podcast and Nourish + Flourish.
For lunch, I had a tasty sweet kale salad with chicken from Costco.
I got really far into my book during M's nap. I also had the chances to watch the final episode of This Is Us. Can't wait for season two- there is going to be one, right?
When I got off work, I didn't intend to hit the gym until 7 pm for a kettlebell strength class, but I surprised myself by going straight to the gym for an hour of a cycle before kettlebell. After the two hours I was burnt out and at the same time feeling really great of all that I accomplished.
For dinner, I went all out and really wanted to be sure I refueled before bed. But this plate wasn't enough. I woke up at midnight and had a banana.
Thursday is always the busiest day with M. I felt drained and sore from last night and needed to caffeinate to survive. The morning was not on my side. Once at work, M and I headed out early for our activities, so I could stop at Starbucks for a free drink that's been waiting to be used for a day like this. We walked to Starbucks, the shop was pitch black, and doors were locked. Bummer. But there's a bakery across the street, so I suppose I'll go there and just spend some bucks. They only sell coffee and honestly I'm feeling a latte. Bummer AGAIN. We had to get to class, a latte will have to wait.
I finally got my latte in between our next activity. It was from a different Starbucks and free. Oh, bless living in the city with a Starbs every three blocks!!

Friday started at 4:15 am, and I thought I was up for the day. So I made breakfast and read my book in bed. At some point, I fell back to sleep and when I woke it was nearing 8 am, which was perfect timing to have a granola bar and head to the gym for yoga. I have mentioned this too many times, but I miss my old yoga studio and the instructors that were really great at teaching. Midtown's yoga is so lame + slow + beginner. BUT GREAT NEWS. When I got home from another defeating yoga class, I found out my FAVORITE instructor from my old studio is going to start teaching at Midtown!!! Not just any former instructor, she was my favorite! I am super excited for her teaching, my first class is Sunday evening :)
It started raining, I didn't really want to get out until it dried up. So I took the opportunity to finish my book and start Little Deaths.
I ran some errands and did some wandering along the Corridor once the rain stopped. The Corridor is one of my favorite ways to spend a dreary afternoon, talking to the store clerks/strangers boosts my mood. I promised myself only to shop sales. I scored myself two items, a candle for my kitchen from Anthro (20% off) + a dress for the spring from Lou & Grey (30% off). Someday my entire wardrobe will be Lou & Grey pieces. Fun fact- Lou & Grey was my first store purchase when I moved to the neighborhood.

I did some major relaxing when I got home and wrote up this post.

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