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Currently | a week without running

pre-training | Last week was week 10 of 2017 "training," and it's the first week I didn't get any mileage. It was a busy seven days of working. Starting Monday night when I had an overnight gig, to another overnight Friday thru Sunday. I was on the clock all weekend long. It was perfect timing, with the temps in the 20s, no way am I completing a long run. Brr

I managed to squeeze in an hour of cycle, and yoga and also a half hour each of intervals (2 miles) and strength training. I realize I could have run during these workouts, but I prefer to keep up with resistance + cross-training until I begin half-marathon training (April 24th).

reading+waiting | Waiting for six books on hold at the library. This year I am trying to make the most use out of living next to the library. But this is becoming much harder than I expected. There are 79 Chicago library branches and only 20 copies of each book to share with the entire city. When I put a book on hold, I am usually around 150th in line (sometimes 300th). That's a loooooong wait.

missing | Definitely feeling ready for a weekend back home. Craving family and good coffee and home-cooked meals and long quiet drives.
planning | I am hosting in April for some friends!! I love visitors. My place becomes extra clean + good food is always involved. But the greatest of all- I absolutely love sharing (showing off) my city, neighborhood, apartment + everyday life here!!

drinking | I was on a black coffee kick for about two weeks. I noticed I drink less coffee when it's without creamer and am less tempted to buy Starbucks mid-morning. But now I'm kinda over the whole morning cup in general. Yesterday I stocked up on David's Tea matcha powders-- maple + vanilla.

watching | As I type this, it's Saturday morning below freezing outside and the boys are pleasantly playing in the front yard. I don't know how they aren't frozen. I suppose I should treat them with some Hot Cocoa.

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