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Running Rundown | wk 1-3

It is not so much that I began to run, but that I continued. -Hal Higdon

January 2-8 + 9-15
Saturday the 7th:
Jordyn came for the weekend. I was looking forward to giving her the experience of my gym's group exercises. We took a strength class, it was my first time doing this workout too but not my first time with the coach. I have enjoyed her classes and was hopeful this would be just as great. It was beyond that- this was hard, and we were both pretty beat after the hour.

Friday the 13th:
Friday was my first meet-up with my personal trainer. For myself, the machines in the club are pretty intimidating. During this hour I was mostly looking to learn how to use the Power Plate, Forerunner + Omnia properly. I asked for a 6 or 7 out of 10 strength workout that I could use during marathon training. Nothing too complicated but I didn't want it too simple where all I do are crunches + lunges, although the crunches aren't so bad with the view of those chandeliers.

Sunday the 15th:
5 miles on the treadmill and a stretch session on the Power Plate. I listened to a devotional audiobook the entire hour. The Power Plate helped my recovery and prevented next day soreness.

January 16-22
Monday the 16th:
I was taking on a lot Monday. I see now I should have taken a rest day after Sunday's run. But I had work off, and that meant I had the chance to go to the Omnia class my personal trainer teaches. The class was great and after, I had a low-key private Pilates. I learned I'm not meant for Pilates. I rather use yoga to target different muscles and lengthen/stretch.

Tuesday the 17th:
This day was a mess, and the first time I didn't stick to the workout I had planned. I shouldn't have even done 2 miles. Looking back, Tuesday should have been scheduled rest day, and Wednesday could have been a run day. Oops!

Saturday the 21st:
60 degrees + sunny. I planned my whole week around this beautiful day because I didn't want to do another long run on the treadmill. I ran along the lakefront with the wind against me. Didn't think that through very well. Another oops this week. Better to get all my oops out now rather when training begins in June.

Totals in the first three weeks:
Running: 25.6 miles slightly less than what I hoped to have by now. Let's face it- running is still not fun.
Strength: 8 hours so happy to have my coach tell me I need to up my strength, no more taking the lower-resistance classes.
Cross-training: 1 hour of Cycle  I don't favor the cycling classes. I need exact resistance and not just twisting a knob and guessing if it's enough resistance. I can't wait for the pool to open and replace cycling with laps.
Yoga: 3 hours I'm going to find a way to make this more of a priority each week. Yoga is never a bad idea, and it's a practice I can do any day, including the rest days.
Rest: 5 days love rest days

What I have learned:
- I am faster when I run outdoors compared to on the treadmill. I see this as a good thing. Come spring and summer I'll be happy to have a faster pace.
- Listening to music wears me out. I am less bored when I listen to podcasts + audiobooks than music. Also not a bad thing.
Visions for the next few weeks: 
- Hopefully, I will build my weekly mileage up with consistency, and I would like to have a solid 6-mile run under my belt before March.
- To run four days each week
- I'm hopeful my next personal training class is another success (mid-Feb)- I want to learn interval training on the Forerunner. Everything about the Forerunner scares me.
- Keep up working out with a very busy work week ahead (4-day weekend watching kids).
Articles keeping me motivated: 
- This runner's story - How I Came to Run the Boston Marathon in Prison, on a Treadmill
- Four Things That Every New Runner Should Know
Life outside of exercise: 
- So far I have read two great thrillers this year- The Vanishing Year and The Couple Next Door. I recommend both for an exciting weekend read. I am currently typing up my 2017 Reading List, looking forward to sharing those.
- Saturday my hair stylist cut 6 inches off. This cut is my favorite to date.
-This month marked one year in my studio apartment. I went through a phase of moving to a different neighborhood. I even went as far as showing my place and filling out paperwork. I backed out of the process last minute. I like where I'm at so why change that?

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