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2017 turned into a year of running

I started 2017 with one thought- I am going to run a 5k, 10k, half-marathon + full marathon in the next 40 weeks.

Here's a brief back story
A little background:
The last time I committed to running was my sophomore year in high school when I ran for the Cross Country team. The season ended, and I decided to never commit to another because the last two races + few weeks were mentally draining, and cold.
Since high school, I have logged around 100 miles total (about 50 miles in 2015 + 50 more in 2016). That’s not to say that I haven’t kept up an active lifestyle. One and a half years ago I picked up hot yoga. I put in 15-20 hours each month. The studio also offered strength yoga. The majority of my yoga was sculpting with a hint of cardio. I slowly built up my endurance. I started craving more of the higher heart rate endurance. Aka running.

A little more background:
The itch to go on runs (Fall 2016) became more frequent, and running was sort-of fun, but still SUCKED. During this ‘itch’ the Bank of America Marathon was happening in my city, and I became super inspired by runners. Then shortly after there was a post on my social media feed that read, today (Nov 29th) was the final day to enter the lottery for the 2017 BoA Marathon on October 8, 2017. Hmm, I have no plans that weekend and WHAT ARE THE ACTUAL ODDS OF GETTING DRAWN FROM THE LOTTERY? I told no one. I felt silly. I wouldn’t really get drawn.
For two weeks I played the “what if” game in my mind. Holy crap that would be really cool. Really hard, but really cool! Physically I can do this. Mentally I’ll struggle. Doesn’t matter, I won’t get drawn. I know it.
December 13th I woke up and completely forgot it was drawing day. I started to take the first sip of my morning matcha tea, and just then I heard my phone buzz. Crap.

Preparing for training:
A lot happened in the next month. I had to cancel my yoga membership (bc no treadmills) and find a gym to join. I figured I should run a half marathon too to prepare for the full. Also thought I should do 5-10ks to prepare for the racing, find my pace + keep me motivated to run during the next 40 weeks up to Marathon race day.
Just like that 2017 turned into a year of running.

I don’t know what the heck I am doing but have been researching best ways to train and asking marathon runners questions whenever I have the chance. Luckily, I personally know a few BoA Marathon vets who are open to sharing their experience's and giving tips on training.

I hope to be back next Monday with a look at how the first few weeks into this year are going. I'm not training right now but definitely working harder to prepare myself for when training gets serious. Also, I can't promise I'll be consistent with posting updates. But I'm going to make sure I stick around all year. Updates may be monthly at times and weekly if I have lots to share. 

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