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Currently | Cubs Win World Series

I didn't know much about the Cubs until I moved to the city. Now that I'm a mile from the field, I can't help but join in on the hype in the neighborhood. 
laughing | When I was first looking for a place in the neighborhood, I was constantly told to choose carefully because sleep can be impossible when the Cubs are in season. I somewhat listened and stayed outside of Wrigleyville. That was not far enough to get sleep on game nights.
wearing | blue, blue, more blue, and even more blue. AND tank tops + shorts + sandals- it's NOVEMBER! Oh, and Cubbie nails.. blue of course.

watching | It seemed like each game I was somewhere different. Of the 13 Dodgers + Indians games for more than half I was working. Either watching kids or working the game's sound at a Cocktail Bar.
planning | Well since becoming a die-hard Cubs fan since Fall 2016. I plan on forever being a Cubs fan.

listening | Unintentionally to the Cubs theme song. It's everywhere! Outside, from cars passing by + on the morning, afternoon, and evening news + 5 out of the 7 Sculpt classes have been Cub-themed + I've even dreamt about the song.
hearing | cheering, sirens, fireworks, church bells, horns, dog barks, helicopters. -- it's 48 hours later and I'm still waking up to either helicopters or fireworks.
feeling | super lucky to experience my first October here with so much hype. Fall has become my favorite season in Chicago.

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