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a look back | reliving high school

Here I am, one year later..
If I could go back to doing it all again, there's no question about it. I'd hop right into reliving the freshman year with my brother in the same halls and ignoring my parents for no reason, the sophomore year of trying new things and losing friends, the junior year of finally breaking out of the shell and learning quality over quantity, and senior year of doing what's best for me and dealing with the consequences of those choices.
Oh, I wouldn't mind getting that sophomore year bod back, if it didn't require daily 5 mile workouts.
Brothers are the best. They are always there even when you're at your sassiest stage in life.
The highlight of homecoming was the majority of my birthdays' landing perfectly within the celebration
I traveled near and far with family + friends. 10 trips I took throughout high school.

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