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spring break | Texas

Two weeks ago, everyone was on spring break. I spent that week wishing to be where everyone else was.. Hawaii, Mexico, New York, Colorado. My spring break wasn't for another week + I had no plans made. On Sunday, while everyone's spring break was finishing up and I was still convinced my break would be spent in Iowa, I got an itch! I wanted warm weather + good company and I could not wait any longer.
I'm sure Grandma knew exactly what I was calling for when she saw my name on the caller ID. We quickly got to the topic of spring break and all of a sudden I was booking flights. 

Fast forward a week + there I was, bags packed and off to catch my plane.
After my flight, I had another 4-hour drive until I was finally reunited with Grandpa + palm trees.
On Tuesday, Grandma and I stayed local and went to the Pulga, where we ate espiropapas. YUM. and bought papayas + pineapple + illegal copies of The Revenant + Room. 
We spent Wednesday eating lunch along the Rio Grande.
The aroma from this Jamine bush was amazing. Grandpa kicked my butt every morning on a 7 mi bike ride and then again in the evening playing shuffleboard. After many years, Grandma and I finally found the perfect lunch (+ margaritas) + beach spot on South Padre Island. The sun finally showed up on my last day visiting!!
At 4am Friday, I headed for home with my souvenirs- 4 mosquito bites + sunburnt arms. After 9 hours of waiting for flights + an Uber ride home, I had returned to the cold, in desperate need for hot coffee and was off to work.

Here's a throwback of the first two trips to Texas
2011 :

2013 :

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