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weekend recap | Chicago

alternative title: a non-boring parent weekend

I was a little nervous about my parents visiting for the first time since I moved. I wanted them to love my neighborhood + hoped they would approve of my craigslist apartment.

Friday morning was spent waiting for mattress delivery and internet connection. I finally have all I need. #goodbyeairmattress
After all the traffic through my place, we got renters insurance and took a mini trip to Target. Along with pizza + a smoke detector, I got dinner plates + bowls + matching mugs! Meals just got a whole lotta fun to eat.

Saturday we started the day with crepes + coffee at Yolk. Afterward, my Dad's dreams came true, we took him for his first visit to IKEA + the Apple Store + the Microsoft Store.

To complete the visit, on Sunday, I took them to church. Where Paster James gave the most moving + encouraging sermon. 

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