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2015 in numbers

the places
one solo trip to Indiana Dunes &
one long weekend spent in the Quad Cities with my brother &
seven hours driving to Twin Cities &
one-way propeller plane ride, back home &
seven months living in Chicago’s suburbs &
too many lattes at Chicago’s coffee bars.

the not so good
one first vehicle crashed &
many mornings + evenings spent jumpstarting a dead vehicle &
too many traffic tickets received.

the school
one stunning prom dress &
three hours at a graduation ceremony, graduating &
many graduation parties attended &
zero hours of graduation party planning.

the expensive
one pearly vehicle bought &
one evening spent getting my hair dyed for the very first time &
many laughs with Alec + Mariah at an overpriced restaurant &
sixty-minute yoga classes, daily.

the work
one season as a disabled care provider &
three trips back home to photograph small town weddings &
seven months as a suburban, live-in nanny &

one final dance competition &
forty minute 5k race with my favorite 6-year-old &
two Sox games watched &
many types of sushi enjoyed &
I met Sadie Robertson!

most importantly
two days of the whole Jensen family in one room &
thirty-minute commute to the best Sunday church sermons &
multiple thanks to the Oldham family for all the help.

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