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the most exciting 5 days

There's no better week than one spent, half in Iowa with family and half in Chicago with family. 

Friday started off at 6 am with a taxi ride to O'Hare for a flight at noon. I completely overshot the time from the ride to the airport to boarding my flight because 1. adventures are exciting 2. it's a holiday so traffic 3. I was warned O'Hare can be intimidating. But hey, better safe than sorry. After security took my unopened Propel water, I bought overpriced pretzels and had 3 hours to spare. 
My ticket said I would be boarding a propeller plane. I had no idea what that meant. Turned out that I got front row seats behind the pilots. There were six other passengers, each of us was attending different weddings in northeast Iowa. Kinda cool

After spending some time back home, shooting a wedding + catching up with friends, I was headed back to Chi with my mom + little brother. The few days with them in my city was fun, laid back and I got some of my favorite shots of the city.

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