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10 trips I took throughout high school

San Antonio + South Padre Island, Texas / Mexico : May 2011
I took two weeks out of my summer to spend with my grandparents at their place in Texas. Grandma took me to really neat places and Grandpa worked with me on the golf course. This was the first time I rode a plane alone.

Galena, Illinois : July 2011
Vic + I took a day road trip to east Iowa. We spent most of the trip in Galena visiting all the antique shops on their Main Street.

Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin : October 2011
This was the first year of many that I took with three families to Wisconsin. We went in the fall during Dells on Tap. While the adults were having a good time myself and a good friend were entertaining 6 under 6 years.

Madeline Island, Wisconsin : July 2012
My mom, little brother and I spent a long weekend on Lake Superior. Each day we lived the simple life and had no schedule. Most relaxing getaway ever!!

Estes Park, Colorado : July 2012
The cross country team and I spent a week training on the Rockies. Lots of miles were put in, I'd love to go back and spend more quality time in the mountains. This was the farthest west I'd ever been.

Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin : October 2012
A long weekend trip to watch little ones while the parents went to local festivities. Wisconsin is so beautiful.

Austin + South Padre Island, Texas / Mexico : March 2013
Vic + I took a girls trip to visit our grandparents together. We flew down together then went our own ways with our grandparents. My grandma took her and me to the Island and Mexico. On the way home, Vic and I made a stop in Austin to see the Capitol and walk around downtown.

Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin : October 2013
Another long weekend spent with my favorite people. This time, I went alone. During my day off I did some shopping of my own.

Chicago, Illinois : August 2014
the W family took me with to Chicago. Together we shopped on Michigan Ave, spent a day at Lake Michigan and went to a Cubs game. I fell in love with the city in four short days.

Louisville, Kentucky : November 2014
This was a girls trip with my mom to attend the wedding of my cousin's. A very short but very fun trip. This was the farthest east I'd ever been.

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