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2014 in numbers

the places
one trip to the Mall of America & 
one exciting trip to Chicago with the W family & 
many day trips shopping with friends & 
one weekend in Louisville with my mom. 

the not so good
two times fainting, a little mystery in my year. 

the school 
one day of prom & 
many football games cheering & 
one school play & 
three school newspapers designed & 
one season managing basketball. 

the expensive
five pairs of skinny jeans bought & 
one new (used) ride, that I bought on my own & 
one new camera, also a purchase of my own & 
many aromas coffee drinks. 

the work 
eight months surviving of my first job, terrible-no-good-very-bad job & 
six weddings photographed & 
one week nannying & 
one week of daycare & 

five dance shows & 
many journals started and unfinished & 
too many exciting summer nights as a rebel & 
many Netflix series started, Grey's Anatomy & Vampire Diaries were my faves. 

most importantly 
many strong friendships built & 
an even stronger connection with The Lord was made & 
one discovery of becoming the person I want to be.

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