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weekend recap | Louisville

Last weekend my mom and I took a much-needed girls trip to Kentucky for my cousin's wedding. It was a really special trip we got to take together. Thursday evening, we left and drove for about 5 hours. Stopped in Normal, Illinois for the night, slept in and were off for another 5 hours.

Immediately when we arrived at the Brown Hotel in Louisville we felt underdressed. All the men were in suits and the ladies in heels.
We had no time to do much exploring, except that evening we went to eat at the Old Spaghetti Factory. Let me tell you, my mom and I are not city girls. With the restaurant being only 1 mile from the hotel, I managed to only get two honks from other vehicles. And those one ways can really trick you. Luckily we caught ourselves before we found ourselves going the wrong way.
I had never been to such a fancy wedding. Every little detail took my breath away. My mom and I spent a good month trying to figure out our attire for the big day. She ended up bringing two possible dresses along and I brought three possibilities for myself. All our worries of being underdressed paid off, we looked fabulous.

I was super happy to have gotten to see my grandparents. We usually get together once or twice a year, it was nice to slip in an extra visit. Aren't they just the sweetest looking?

Overall it was a weekend well spent.

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